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Miss Rector came to Floyd County High School when I was in the 8th grade. She fostered my talents, taking me to various choral clinics, regional and state chorus. The time she gave to opening her student’s eyes to the world of choral music and all music influenced my decision to become a music educator. I followed Mrs. Smith’s example when I became a teacher. In my 37 years of teaching I followed her example taking students to competitions, choral clinics, and state chorus. Thank you Mrs. Smith for your influence on this country girl.

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Mrs. Smith was my music teacher from elementary to high school. Her class was always one of my favorites. Because being in high school chorus, I had the opportunity to participate in Regional, All-State, and Honors Choir. She exposed us to music that many of us would never have learned to appreciate without her influence

I have always felt that Mrs. Smith made it her personal mission to help students expand their horizons by exposing students to a variety of musical styles. She exposed us to classical music from all periods, sacred music and even musical theatre. She has been responsible for bringing that culture to our county through her teaching in the public school, her work as a church musician, and her leadership in the community choir. I believe many people in our county have a love and apprecia tion for classical music because of Sandra Smith

Personally, she was a great encourager when I decided to pursue a degree in music at Radford University. She had also encouraged me to pursue private voice lessons as a high school student to continue to hone that craft. She helped me pre pare for my auditions and of course provided much encouragement along the way. I earned my degree in Music Therapy and feel that I would never have chosen that major if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Smith

Even after I completed my degree she continued to be in my life as she was the organist for my wedding. I also have had the opportunity to work with her when I changed careers and began teaching at FCHS. She even taught both of my children when they took chorus at FCHS. Over the past several years, she has asked me to judge auditions for a variety of events and I am always happy to get to see her. I am in awe of her many years of devotion to the students of Floyd County. She is still as passionate about bringing culture and an appreciation for music to the lives of young people as she was 50 years ago. She will forever be one of my favorite people


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