Welcome to Floyd County

Floyd County is a unique rural mountain community known for its music, its natural beauty, its arts, and its diverse, caring people. Located atop the Blue Ridge Plateau in southwestern Virginia, Floyd County is a haven removed from the rush of urbanity, yet alive with the sounds, colors and textures of rural life.

Located on the crest of the Blue Ridge, Floyd County’s lush landscapes are a continuing source of inspiration to artists and photographers alike. The county population is a mix of people whose families have been here for generations, families who came here in the ‘Sixties during the back to the land movement, and the latest wave of families who discovered Floyd to be the perfect antidote to urban living.

There is a “connectedness” in Floyd that you don’t find in many communities. People are quick to offer assistance and directions to visitors and often introduce them to other people who can help them.

Floyd County is located on  the eastern edge of the Continental Divide, and  comprises 360 square miles of forests and farmlands. The County is a sensitive ecological area, with a topography, elevation and watershed that are scenic and relatively unspoiled. The mountains are gently rolling with an elevation ranging from 2,300 to 4,000 feet on Buffalo Mountain. Agriculture is the primary economic activity.

Images provided by Fred First and Andy Morikawa


Floydiana is a serial book, not a blog. Chapter by chapter it explores life in Floyd, a town and county in Southern Virginia. The area’s mixture of people is as unlikely as its scenery is “Look at That!”   – – – by Randall A. Wells

The Floyd County Tourism Development Council (FCTDC)

Established in 2013,The FCTDC is a partnership between Floyd County government, the town of Floyd, the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce and private sector businesses.