Laurel Brooke, Violinist

Laurel Brooke is the Concertmaster of the Roanoke Youth Symphony Orchestra 다운로드. She is eighteen years old and has been playing violin since she was eight. She first started with Mike Mitchell at Floyd Music School, learning bluegrass and classical under him for five years 체크리스트 양식 다운로드. Laurel joined the RYSO when she was twelve and her favorite memories with the youth symphony are the three side-by-side concerts she has done with them, as well as the RYSO camps each summer, providing intensive musical experiences 다운로드. Laurel is a senior at Floyd County High School, where she enjoys being a part of science MACC, Students for Students, and the National Beta club. Laurel currently studies with Benedict Goodfriend 디자인 키보드 다운로드. As she prepares for Conservatory auditions next Spring, Laurel will continue to study violin with Bendi and plans to study music theory intensively with David Oakes and Jeff Midkiff 다운로드. She is the recipient of the David Wiley Sr. Scholarship from Virginia’s Blue Ridge Music Festival.