2015 Host Families and Transportation

Academy Fellows and Mentors will be staying with host families in Floyd County – which was a rich experience for both host families and musicians during the 2013 and 2014 Festivals.

Both Fellows and Mentors are to do their utmost to provide their own transportation during the 12 day 2015 Festival, but since that may be impossible for some, we are working on providing a shuttle service and/or carpool.

If you are interested in providing housing and/or transportation for our Fellows and Mentors, please email:  info@virginiasblueridgemusicfestival.org

From Judy and Ward Lowrance, Floyd County Host Family in 2013:

“…it is literally possible to hear great bluegrass music almost every day year-round, but to hear anything classical requires an hour or two trip. A festival with daily formal concerts (everything from individual performances to full symphony orchestra, open rehearsals, and workshops) … a dream for classical music lovers.

Our favorite thing was hosting and getting to know Nora, a student who stayed with us for the whole two weeks. We actually felt like we were part of the festival with all these vibrant and talented young people. What a beneficial experience for the students, being able to perform in front of audiences and have the training offered by the mentors!

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Music Festival, based in Floyd have already started planning activities and community outreach and involvement in Floyd and the surrounding areas. Possibly most important is the fact that the principals involved are in fact already very knowledgeable of and involved in musical and cultural activities. Highly experienced professional musicians are also directly involved in the planning.

We have no doubt that community support will be even better….We are really excited about 2014.”